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Magic® Epoxy Steel Standard

Magic® Epoxy Steel Standard

Tough Durable metal mender and filler. Can hold 6000 Lbs. psi; 300°F. Temp.

Magic® Epoxy Steel is the normal speed curing but the toughest mender. It has tremendous strength and durability. It can be applied as thick as needed in single application. No need to build up in thin layers since it dries by chemical reaction of the resin and hardener, rather than by air evaporation. Can be sanded, filed, drilled, tapped or threaded when dry and becomes extremely hard, solid metal within 2 to 3 hours after application. No heat or pressure needed.

Un-Effected by solvents, steam, heat and water. Dependable and tough 6000 Lbs. psi; 350°F.

Thus, repairs on mining and earthmoving equipment can often be completed in the field with tremendous savings in downtime and money.

Worn bearings, cracked sheet metal, leaking hydraulic systems, fractured castings, countless metal parts with a total replacement value of millions of dollars are now being saved from the scrap pile with the use of a new metal filled epoxy compound called Magic® Epoxy Steel.

The rapid acceptance of the new repair material is due in part to it's almost unlimited applications. It has excellent adhesion to all metals, plus glass, wood, porcelain, masonry and many other materials. No heat or pressure is required whether bonding similar or different materials together. It is unaffected by water, gas, oil, solvents, most acids and alkalis, and temperatures up to 300°F.

Combining the strength of epoxy resin with the hardness of steel, this repair and molding compound becomes extremely hard, solid metals within 2 to 3 hours after application. It has a non-sagging putty-like viscosity which permits easy molding into any shape. After hardening, the repairs may be sanded, filled, drills, tapped or threaded, and painted. Thus, repairs on mining and earthmoving equipment can often be completed in the field with the tremendous savings in downtime and money.

Application of the Product in Industries

The tough, hard-wearing properties of Magic Epoxy Steel have made possible many maintenance and production economies in widely diversified industries. The metal-working industry, in particular, has realized substantial savings by using Magic Epoxy Steel to rebuild warn or damaged equipment. Its excellent adhering and high resistance to abrasion make it most satisfactory for building up worn bearings and metal surfaces on production machinery. Other common uses: repairing hydraulic cylinders building up worn shafts, pumps and valves; covering welded seams, repairing cylinder drying rolls, and many others.

Magic Epoxy Steel is also used extensively for maintenance in the refining, food processing, paper, textile and other industries. Highly resistant to oils, water, solvents and most chemicals, it has proved a dependable emergency repair for condensers, kettles, fractionating and cracking equipment in processing plants, large holes frequently occurring in storage tanks, hydraulic systems and big O.D. pipelines, may be sealed with the application of an Magic Epoxy Steel "dressing." This technique requires applying Magic Epoxy Steel to piece of heavy paper of fiberglass slightly larger than the area to be sealed, and then carefully pressing the "dressing" so as to follow the contour of the part being repaired. To assure a tight seal, the surface around the hole must be absolutely clean and dry.

When properly applied to clean surface, Magic Epoxy Steel repair is strong, rigid and durable. It will withstand about the same amount of impact as the surroundings metal. It also can be painted with standard coatings. If the coatings are baked at normal oven temperatures Magic Epoxy Steel will not run or blister. Neither is it affected by normal anodizing agents.

What Can It Do in Foundries & Workshops?

In the foundry, Magic® Epoxy Steel is used for making patterns, core boxes, and match plates. It also offers unbelievable speed and economy in changing contours on existing patterns (both wood and metal), and on match plates. New patterns or duplicate made of Magic® Epoxy Steel cost but a fraction of the expense of producing the same design in wood and they have demonstrated considerably greater resistance to damage in handling and storage.

Casting repaired with Magic® Epoxy Steel may be machined or hand-finished within 2 to 3 hours after application. Magic® Epoxy Steel will feather-edge perfectly without cracking or crumbling when applied to steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, and brass. Standard tools are used to grind, sand, drill or tap the repair. The surface resembles polished steel or aluminum when finished with a fine abrasive wheel, belt or file. The repair is often impossible to detect if the casting is sandblasted or given a vibratory finish.

Magic® Epoxy Steel may be used to build up shallow areas or holes in the casting without undercutting or any special treatment of the metal. Magic® Epoxy Steel is applied once in any thickness required. The curing process is a chemical reaction between the resin and a hardening agent, mixed in equal parts shortly before application. This property alone, has made possible fast, low cost salvage of countless castings with imperfections or errors in subsequent matching.

Magic® Epoxy Steel has also revolutionized the making of tools, jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, models and other similar equipment for metal forming. Dies for many applications can be made with this metallic molding compound for less than 10% of the cost of the conventional steel dyes. And jobs that formerly required days of work by conventional tooling methods are now often finished in hours, or less.

Using Magic® Epoxy Steel, small die-shops are able to profitably produce experimental, samples and other short runs. With the exceptions of very large applications, a die can be made of the Magic Epoxy Steel in a single casting. Mounting is on standard die sets.

The size of successful Magic® Epoxy Steel dies varies from 1 cubic inch to over several cubic feet. And should an Magic Epoxy Steel die require repair or modification, the operation is fast and inexpensive since Magic Epoxy Steel bonds to itself. With very little experimentation, low cost tools can be made for punch, die and hold down for drawing pieces with extreme depth and radii. Metals formed range from light gauge aluminum to 12 gauge stainless steel.

Drill jigs, frequently changed in job shops, can usually be made of Magic Epoxy Steel for a fraction of the cost by conventional methods. And when molded, the piece can be put in production the same day Magic® Epoxy Steel is in fact, a new basic material that has revolutionized old concepts of cost and productions in tooling. In addition to applications already described, it is also being used to make many forms of molds and dyes pantographs, adapters, Keller's models, duplicators, gauges, mandrels, locators, cams, surface plates, chuck jaws and fixture for various operations such as buffing, welding, cooling or finishing parts.

What Can It Do In Homes?

Magic® Epoxy Steel is unaffected by Water, Gas, Oil, and solvents. These qualities have made it ideal for repairs and bonding at home. Leak in Storage tank, Gas & Water line wash basin, Bath tub, Washing machines is quickly sealed with Magic Epoxy Steel. Holes in pipes and tanks can be repaired with "dressing" Made from.

Magic® Epoxy Steel. Broken toys , Television cabinet, Air conditioner grill, Refrigerator Handle, Flower pot, Sports goods, torn shoes are also repaired with Magic® Epoxy Steel . Cracks in the walls or ceilings can also be repaired with Magic Epoxy Steel.

Hadnling the Leakage Problems

In many industrial plants where production might be distrupted by leaking pipes, valves, storage tanks and broken machinery heat is applied to Magic® Epoxy Steel to speed the curing of emergency repairs. By using light heat from a blow-torch, the hardening reaction can be accelerated from 2 to 3 hours to only 20 minutes. Typical procedure for making a quick seal on a leaking pipe or valve is

  1. close the line to the eliminate pressure
  2. clean damaged area with a wire brush
  3. clear up moisture
  4. apply Magic Epoxy Steel and,
  5. re-apply heat maintaining 250°F temperature for approximately 20 minutes.

The pipe of valve is then ready to function again without leaking. The cost of repairing with Magic® Epoxy steel usually insignificant compared to the expense of replacing parts and disrupting plant operation.